Cheerleading Application

Who: All WNY Pre-Registered cheer-leading teams for the 2021 Niagara County Peach Festival Cheer-leading Competition

What: Cheer-leading Competition at the 2021 Niagara County Peach Festival

When: Friday September 10th 5:30 PM Check in begins at 5:00 PM (Check in will be located at the side stage entrance- See below for details)

Where: Academy Park on Center Street in Lewiston. 890 Center St, Lewiston, NY 14092

Parking: A reminder, free parking with a shuttle to the Peach Festival will again be available. As you enter Lewiston on Center Street follow the Free Shuttle signs and turn left at the second traffic light onto Portage Road and follow the signs to the shuttle lot. Climate controlled Gray Line shuttles will travel to the festival grounds entrance and back to the parking lot throughout the three days.

Rain: The competition will be cancelled if there is a heavy rain. Please refer to your email/remind/texts the day of for updates!

Rules: First and foremost, this competition’s main purpose is to have fun! The #1 priority is to be safe and have fun! Our goal is to bring together various cheer-leading teams throughout the community to perform and celebrate the amazing sport of cheer-leading! We want to promote a fun and engaging experience for the athletes, with skill, performance, and technique being the factors that determines who will place 1st, 2nd, or third.

Conduct: Inappropriate behavior and unsportsmanlike conduct WILL NOT be tolerated. Any teams who may violate this rule, or any other will be disqualified.

Performance Rules: Participants will perform a maximum three-minute routine containing a cheer and dance portion. Minimum performance time two and a half minutes. Music and performances must be family
friendly. Inappropriate dance/cheer moves will lead to disqualification. A schedule will be released to coaches/directors closer to the event.

Safety is our #1 priority! If you do not feel comfortable performing a stunt, or trick please do not hesitate to “mark it”. Please make note of the stage dimensions and adjust accordingly. Deductions WILL NOT be given is a stunt/trick is not performed due to safety concerns.

Stage Dimensions: You will be performing on a stage. The performance stage is approximately 40 x 30.

Awards: We are hoping to have two award ceremonies (time permitting) Trophies will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category. THREE Athletes and ONE Coach form each team will be invited onstage for the award ceremonies (safety concern with amount of weight on the stage). We will have two award ceremonies, they will be listed on the schedule.

For further information contact Marissa Chapman at 716-940-7333 or email at [email protected].

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